24 Best Startup & SaaS Videos & Channels on Marketing & Growth. 📹

I have a curated list of really good videos & channels on growth, marketing & SaaS worth watching.
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I think we all love consuming video content. I decided to share some of the best SaaS Startup related videos and channels I like.

I hope you enjoy this resource and if you have any other suggestions of other growth, marketing or SaaS videos to add below, do let me know. I love consuming new awesome content. 😍

Top SaaS Marketing Videos 🙌

💡 Here are some good videos I like below. Of course, there are a lot more videos I have enjoyed watching over the years. I will be gradually adding more over time. 😊

Psychology & Digital Marketing

GDS Summits

I laughed at the first comment I saw where they said this talk in 20 mins was better than a 3-day conference. Great video.
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Content Strategy & Instagram


If you're wanting to take your Instagram game to the next level you should watch this video by Founder of Futur, Chris Do.
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Getting a consumer to pay attention


Everyone has a varying opinion on Gary Vaynerchuk but he does have some solid gold in some of his videos. Including this!
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Getting your first 100 customers

Positive Tenacity

I liked this video on early traction & goal of getting your first 100 customers. If you're starting out worth the watch.
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Finding Product/Market Fit


Great video by David Rusenko who was the Founder & CEO of Weebly. Some really good points to remember on your journey to PMF.
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Spending $33k on a homepage. Results?


Love this video by Ahrefs and Tim Soulo on what they learned by redesigning their homepage. Good takeaways!
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Achieving $1million from one article

SaaS Marketing Vlog

Another amazing video by Tim Soulo who talks about key things to consider when building a successful article. It could generate $$$.
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Cold emailing & templates

Patrick Dang

Cold emailing can be really effective coming from experience but have seen a lot of people doing it wrong. Good video to watch.
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Best Cold email I received


Good video to watch on how Kyle Racki (Co-founder & CEO at Proposify) received one of the best cold emails he ever got. Good tips.
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Facebook Ads for SaaS

Lewis Mudrich

I like this video from marketer Lewis Mudrich who shares 7 tips on using Facebook Ads for SaaS. Good tips to consider.
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Facebook Ads & Funnel Strategy

Market & Hustle

If you're running a B2B SaaS product then this is a good video to watch on funnel strategy & how Facebook Ads can play a role.
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17+ Marketing tactics for SaaS

Sujan Patel

I'm a big Sujan Patel fan (see photo on my homepage). Good video on him sharing 17 tactics for SaaS companies.
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Understanding SaaS Metrics

Web Summit

If you're not a marketer and don't understand key metrics to understanding SaaS marketing metrics, watch this video by David Skok.
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Strategies for closing SaaS sales

TK Kader

This is a good video by TK Kader sharing some good tips + things to take into account when trying to close more deals.
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Copywriting for startups & businesses

Brian Dean

Brian Dean produces great content overall. I like this video highlighting key examples of good copywriting + awesome tips.
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B2B Content Marketing


SEO is always changing but the principles & strategies in this video Rand Fishkin is great for those less experienced with SEO.
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Good Advanced SEO Tips

Chis Palmer

I like this video by Chris Palmer who shares some of his process when it comes top performing websites.
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Awesome channels to check out 🙌

⚡ More channels will be added soon. Similar to the videos, if you have any awesome channels I need to check out let me know. 😊

On the main SaaS Resources page, have already added YCombinator & Foundrmag. 👍


One of the best SEO channels you will come across. Their content game is next level. Amazing videos, always learn something new.
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Dan Martell

Aside from having a great name ;), Dan has one of the best channels & videos on everything SaaS. Highly recommend the sub!
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If you've been in startups for a while there's no introduction needed here for a16z. Lots of great videos on startups.
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Big fan of Jason & what he's done with SaaStr. Amazing content across his channels & SaaStr's YouTube is top-notch.
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SaaStock has some really good interviews with Top founders & marketers. Worth subscribing if you're a marketer and/or founder.
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This Week in Startups

I love This Week in Startups. Great podcast and definitely one of the best channels for amazing interviews with incredible founders.
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