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I've created this huge collection of marketing checklists to help with your startup marketing efforts (whether you're in SaaS or eCommerce/DTC) across various channels - great for conducting your own audits, as well as ideas for strategies and optimisations. 😍
by Dan Siepen
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Hey everyone 🙂

Thanks for checking out my "Growth Marketing Checklists" resource. I've spent hours and hours creating these checklists on Webflow + writing all the content from scratch.

For those who don't know me, my name is Dan and I'm a growth marketer based in Sydney, Australia 🙂

I'm a passionate marketer + startup enthusiast and I consult/advise a few startups on growth marketing.

One thing I am passionate about is creating content that helps provide value. Normally it's been for other projects and startups, but decided this time to create some resources on my own website. 🙂

These resources will be updated from time to time and I'll keep adding to these checklists to help founders and marketers who work for startups, eCommerce businesses and those wanting to grow their indie/side projects.

I've done quite a few channel-specific checklists and more will be added over the coming weeks and months.

I hope you enjoy reading this content and get some value out of it. Love to hear your feedback and any recommendations. Enjoy 🙂

🔥 Checklists by Marketing Channels 👇

Activation Strategies ⚡

👉 Have shared over 22+ Activation growth hacks and strategies that SaaS startups can implement to improve their activation rate :)

Retention Strategies ⚡

👉 Complied a detailed list of 18+ retention marketing strategies to help retain users, increase LTV and encourage more referrals.

Facebook Ads ⚡

👉 38+ tips and recommendations of improving Facebook Ads campaigns. Good for beginners to intermediate Facebook Advertisers.

SaaS Marketing Metrics/KPIs⚡

👉 Over 20+ key SaaS metrics I believe all marketers & founders should be tracking with tips + resources.

Google Ads ⚡

👉 I've put together over 47+ tips for optimising + auditing your Google Ads account + campaigns to achieve better ROI/ROAS.

Inbound Marketing Campaigns ⚡

👉 A 15+ tips checklist on inbound marketing you can refer to for your next inbound campaign. More tips to come :)

Product Launches ⚡

👉 Created this 21+ checklist for myself when launching new side/indie projects to market. Few more detailed tips will be added :)

One-page SEO ⚡

👉 Getting your On-page SEO optimised is important to maximise your content efforts. This 17+ checklist hopefully will provide some value.

Email Marketing Automation ⚡

👉 This is a 33+ audit + optimisation checklists for SaaS email automation. Would love to hear any feedback on this one :)

UX Design Tips (for Marketers)⚡

👉 I believe all marketers should have a good understanding of UX and hoping this 21+ checklist will be able to provide as a good resource.

Outbound Marketing Strategies⚡

👉 Created this resource with 11+ outbound marketing strategies that I've tried before with good success. Important to be personalised.

Partnerships for Startups ⚡

👉 I've been successful with partnerships in the past and can help unlock growth. 14+ tips to keep in mind when you do partnerships.

Content Marketing Tips ⚡

👉 17+ checklist for auditing your existing content + coming up with future content ideas :)

eCommerce CRO ⚡

Content Distribution ⚡

👉 Have already started a good list of content distribution + repurpose strategies + tactics.

🙌 Coming Soon

Landing Page CRO ⚡

👉 Will be sharing soon a detailed list of the best landing page CRO strategies + tactics.

🙌 Coming Soon

Organic Marketing ⚡

👉 Will be releasing an organic marketing strategies checklist.

🙌 Coming Soon

Community-Building ⚡

👉 Checklists for building communities from my experience.

🙌 Coming Soon

Marketing Workflows ⚡

👉 A list of some of my best marketing workflows you that you may consider.

🙌 Coming Soon

Early Validation ⚡

👉 Tactics + strategies to gain early validation + traction for projects.

🙌 Coming Soon

Twitter Growth ⚡

👉 Testing out various strategies to grow my twitter which I'll share.

🙌 Coming Soon
Got more checklist ideas I should consider? Let me know by sending me an email or via Twitter 🙂

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