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⚡ I live and breathe marketing & community building + my purpose in life is to leave a positive impact on those around me and the community 😊

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🔥 My Top Growth Marketing Resource Content 😍💪

Collection of some of my content on growth + marketing for both SaaS & eCommerce 😊

😍 I update these resources regularly to ensure the content is fresh 🌿💪
Growth Marketing Checklists

Huge resource of over 10+ in-depth growth marketing checklists that covers various marketing channels. Continually updating resources to keep the content fresh :)

Marketing Tools

A big collection of over 75+ of my favourite marketing tools which have I've personally used for various startups & eCommerce companies for growth.

SaaS Marketing Resources

This piece of content I've  created for myself to track my favourite SaaS resources that includes podcasts, key people, blogs, newsletters, videos, books + more.

Best No Code

I love No Code tools and have shared 33+ tools I love. There's never been a better time to build awesome products & applications thanks to No Code :)

Best High-Quality SaaS Case Studies

Finding good quality case studies is hard to find so I've gone ahead and curated the best high-quality growth & case studies that I've got a lot of value from :)

Mental Health Resources for Founders

As someone who knows how stressful it is running a startup, it can take a toll mentally. I've saved and shared 21+ resources that have helped me.

Collection of Top Growth Hacking Case Studies

I've curated over 50+ various case studies, from short form to longer form which are worth reading. More to be added as I come across them :)

Best High-Quality eCommerce
Case Studies

Similar to the SaaS Case studies, I've curated over 21+ awesome eCommerce case studies that are good reads for eCommerce founders.

I’m a Growth Marketing Consultant & experienced Startup Marketer 😊

Working on some great projects currently. If you ever need assistance with growth marketing, get in touch with me 😊

What I specialise in
Digital Growth Strategy
Inbound Marketing
Outbound Marketing
UI/UX Design
Paid Media
Social Media
SEO & Content Marketing
Content Strategy
Copy Writing
Community building
Product Analytics
Marketing Analytics

Some of my Favourite Growth Marketing Tools

Paid Media Channels I help client projects with

Hi there! My name is Dan Siepen 😊

I am a Sydney-based marketer with many years of experience working with startups & larger organisations. I first started in digital marketing in 2013. I hope you enjoy learning more about me personally and my professional career :)


I provide customer-focused, data-informed results. My values reflect in my work & the teams I work with.

I help startups and larger businesses with growth marketing consultancy – this can arrange for anything from overall strategy & planning to then channel specific strategy and execution across Facebook Ads, SEO, PPC, Copy, Content Marketing, Email Marketing, eCommerce and much more.

Over the years I have built up my marketing repertoire across many key areas. Not only am I passionate about marketing, but I am super passionate about building startups + consulting to companies that are innovative and strive to create real positive value in the world.

I was previously part of the founding team that built Australia's #1 coding school and also founded Australia's largest growth hackers community + run successful growth hacking events in Sydney. During these events I have arranged & attracted Australia’s & the world’s top growth marketers such as Neil Patel, Aaron Agius, Josh Fecther, Sean Ellis & many others.

Now I work on some cool new projects. :)

I love giving back to the community and continually learning and striving to become a stronger T-shaped marketer.

My goal in life is to make a positive impact and have amazing experiences with friends, family and wider community.


I always strive to be super positive in my life and support friends and family whenever I possibly can.

I have experienced some awesome things in my life from travel, work, friends and family experiences.

However, I've had my fair share of personal mental challenges and bad experiences with business/personal circumstances which I have sometimes found myself in a dark hole (and many of you would have to). Despite all this, it's important to live life to the fullest and I try to do so everyday.

Some things I remind myself each day:

1. Have a positive perspective on life as much as you can
2. Respect people's opinions and have an open perspective, even if sometimes you disagree
3. Make sure to live in the present as much as you can, without stressing about the future
4. Live and let live - don't force agendas on others
5. Be flexible with your goals - don't have too many 'large' goals
6. Smile to a stranger - it never hurts anyone
7. Try to have fun with whatever you're doing - otherwise, why the **** even do it? :)
8. Trust your gut instinct - most of the time it will be right
9. Look after your mental health. It's not weak to speak.
10. Just do your best :)

Some articles I have been featured in 😊

Have been featured in various publications & blogs around growth marketing & startups :)

Business Insider

I contributed an article about 11 top growth hacking strategies for startups.

The Next Web

Wrote about the best places to promote your startup for free. Received lots of shares.

Business Insider

I wrote a piece about key tips to mastering Google Analytics for those who don't know GA well.

You can check out these articles links + other places where I've been featured or contributed via the link below :)

More of me professionally :)

"Dan is a unique individual!

Incredibly generous with his time and truly community focused. His kind, collaborative nature make him very easy to work with. After just a few weeks you’ll feel like you’ve known Dan for years.

Always insightful and not afraid to challenge preconceived ideas or beliefs, Dan is passionate about marketing and business growth. I love brainstorming and learning new ideas from Dan.

And for the things Dan doesn’t know, he will humbly tell you so and he usually knows the right person to connect you with to get you what you need. It seems most people in the world of marketing and start-ups know Dan.

His work ethic pushes me to work harder and that’s rare. I’m looking forward to seeing how both of our entrepreneurial journeys play out and strongly recommend that if you want to get better at marketing or business growth that you speak to Dan."
Dr Anthony Bloomfield, Founder @
😊 more testimonials 🔥💪

I'm super passionate about the work I do and also about living life to the fullest.

My family and friends are my top priority.

Remember to always be kind and respectful.

If you ever have any questions about my site or work, feel free to reach out to me.😊

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