My name is Dan Siepen 👋

My Ultimate Goal as a Marketer

My goal as a professional marketer in my career is to strive to be an awesome T-shaped marketer.The concept of a T-shaped person comes from the world of hiring, and it describes the abilities that someone brings to a job — their depth and breadth of ability. The vertical, up-and-down stem of the “T” represents one’s depth in one or more areas, and the horizontal, side-to-side stem of the “T” represents one’s breadth.It’s important for all marketers to have knowledge & skills in the “Base Knowledge” section.

My goal to make a positive impact

My ultimate goal in life is to genuinely make a positive impact in the world. I want to impact thousands of people in technology and social enterprise to make the world a better place!

What matters to me most?

I love my family and friends and wouldn't be half the person I am today without them. They give me the strength and desire to help me chase my goals and create positive value in my work and personal life.

Fun Facts

I have travelled to many countries and my goal is to go to 40+ countries by the time I'm 35 (it was 30 before but due to Covid it will be longer now :).

I have built 2 successful businesses by the age I was 25. One I co-founded which turned over $4Mil+ a year before I departed. Also grew Australia's largest growth hackers community.

One of the most surprising + favourite cities I really like is New Orleans. I also love Valencia, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. I see myself living in London with my girlfriend + having a stint in New York and some of these locations one day :)

What I'm skilled at within Tech and marketing

01 - Building startups & side projects

02 - Growing communities

03 - Consulting & advising startups with marketing strategic and tactics

04 - eCommerce

05 - Consulting social enterprises

06 - Kids & adult technology classes

Some of my Growth Marketing Skills 😊

(These are many of the skills I know. I pride myself on being a fast learner so if something is not listed here and I need it for the job, I learn it pretty quick.;)


With years of marketing experience, I have acquired & become proficient in these skills below. In conjunction with these skills, I continuously test, measure & learn various old & new processes with a data-driven approach;
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
A/B Split Testing
Google Analytics/GTM
Marketing Automation
Social Media
User Onboarding
Inbound Strategy
Funnel Analysis
Facebook Ads
Events + Community building
Landing pages
Webflow websites

UX/UI Design

I have always been passionate about design & the role design plays in product growth & a user’s experience. My strengths are more aligned with UX, not UI – however, I continue to strive and become stronger in both.  I have worked on a number of small commercial & concept projects. These are the skills I actively use;
Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Adobe Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom
Visual Design (UI)
Wire-framing + Prototyping
UX Research
Content & Copy writing

Other Key Skills I am building on

Other key skills I have picked up and trying to improve in include;
Tableau (data import, wrangling, exploration)
Data visualisation dashboards (but more advanced, not just standard reporting tools).
Community Building (online as have done well offline with events)
Data Analytics
Commercial SaaS Strategy
Business modelling
Business design
Interaction design

Favourite Tools

Over the years I have used many tools and below are just some of my favourites as part of my toolkit;
Adobe Creative Suite
Everything Google drive/suite
Here are some of my favourite photos from travel, friends, family + exciting moments...
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