My name is Dan Siepen 👋

My Ultimate Goal as a Marketer

My goal as a professional in my career is to become one of the world’s best T-Shaped marketers. The concept of a T-shaped person comes from the world of hiring, and it describes the abilities that someone brings to a job — their depth and breadth of ability. The vertical, up-and-down stem of the “T” represents one’s depth in one or more areas, and the horizontal, side-to-side stem of the “T” represents one’s breadth.It’s important for all marketers to have knowledge & skills in the “Base Knowledge” section.

My goal to make a positive impact

My ultimate goal in life is to genuinely make a positive impact in the world. I want to impact thousands of people in technology and social enterprise to make the world a better place!

What matters to me most?

I love my family and friends and wouldn't be half the person I am today without them. They give me the strength and desire to help me chase my goals and create positive value in my work and personal life.

Fun Facts

I have travelled to many countries and my goal is to go to 40+ countries by the time I'm 35 (it was 30 before but due to Covid it will be longer now :).

I have built 2 successful businesses by the age I was 25. One I co-founded which turned over $4Mil+ a year before I departed. Also grew Australia's largest growth hackers community.

One of the most surprising + favourite cities I really like is New Orleans. I also love Valencia, Budapest, Berlin, Amsterdam and London. I see myself living in London with my girlfriend + having a stint in New York and some of these locations one day :)

A recent hobby I did pick up was Salsa Dancing. Why you ask? It's fun and pushes me outside of my comfort zone. However, I've stopped for now after doing it for 6 months (too much going on at the moment). My dream and goal is to live in Valencia for 6 months doing remote work and learn to salsa every day.

What I'm skilled at & enjoy

01 - Building startups & side projects

02 - Growing communities

03 - Consulting & advising startups with marketing strategic and tactics

04 - eCommerce

05 - Consulting social enterprises

06 - Kids & adult technology classes

Some of my Skills 😊

(These are many of the skills I know. I pride myself on being a fast learner so if something is not listed here and I need it for the job, I learn it pretty quick.;)


With years of marketing experience, I have acquired & become proficient in these skills below. In conjunction with these skills, I continuously test, measure & learn various old & new processes with a data-driven approach;
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
A/B Split Testing
Google Analytics/GTM
Marketing Automation
Social Media
User onboarding
Inbound Strategy
Funnel Analysis
Facebook Ads
Events + Community Building
Email marketing


I have always been passionate about design & the role design plays in product growth & a user’s experience. My strengths are more aligned with UX, not UI – however, I continue to strive and become stronger in both.  I have worked on a number of small commercial & concept projects. These are the skills I actively use;
Proficient in Adobe Creative Cloud – Photoshop, Adobe Effects, Illustrator, Lightroom
Visual Design (UI)
Wire-framing + Prototyping
UX Research
Content & Copy writing


Other key skills I have picked up and trying to improve in include;
Tableau (data import, wrangling, exploration)
Community Building (online as have done well offline with events)
Cohort Analysis
Data Analytics
Pricing strategy
Business Modelling
Just everything data analytics


Over the years I have used many tools and below are just some of my favourites as part of my toolkit;
Adobe Creative Suite
Google Analytics
Everything google drive/suite

Here are some of my favourite photos from travel, friends, family + exciting moments...

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