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SaaS Marketing Tools Stack (2024)

Browse the best SaaS marketing tools and platforms to add to your marketing stack. Whatever your stage of growth, there’s always a new tool to discover to help fuel your growth.
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💬 How does this work?
💬 Firstly, why have I gone ahead and created this resource? Well, I basically wanted to create something that was more of a bookmarking system for various tools. I know many others could also benefit from a resource like this. So, whether you're a growing startup, micro SaaS or looking to start something, I created this project for you. All free. I hope you like it! :)
💬 Filters & Tags - Every tool within each of the categories has a custom filter applicable to them. For every category, there are standardised filters used such as these below. Tags are simply there to highlight key USP's of products.
Web, chrome extension or app
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Specific tags

How to explore the categories & filters

💬 How it works - On the right hand side (or on top if you're on mobile), you can select one, or multiple filters to find combinations. For a better experience, I suggest picking one filter at a time. If there are any tools not included that you think should, let me know. :)

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⚡ Frequently Asked Questions ⚡

What are some of the best tools for saas marketing?
I get asked this question a lot, and it's really hard to narrow it down. I've shared over 500 tools which I've used across a variety of channels. Whilst 500 may seem like a lot, as a growth marketer who's worked across SaaS, ecommerce and DTC, you'd be surprised how platforms you use. If you're a growth marketer or work in marketing, you know exactly what I mean.

Every SaaS business has a different channel mix when it comes to growth. Sure, you will engage with most channels, but to what degree is another question.

So to answer this question properly is hard, because every business is different. That's why I've shared 39 popular marketing channels/categories with the best tools I've used for each of them.

It's about doing your research and looking into which suit your business requirements. Key factors to consider which I cover in the categories include;

- Budget / Cost
- Features
- Team plans
- Platform
- Automation
- Workflows
- Integrations
- API's
- Security
- Support
- User experience

There are certainly more channels than the ones I have covered. I will add more categories and tools overtime.
If you had to pick only 7 tools to run a SaaS, what would they be?
If I had pick 7, these would be it below. They are all feature-rich, as well as either having amazing freemium plans, or they're cost-effective enough that you can easily run and grow a profitable startup for less than $300 per month.

1. Figma
2. Loom
3. Ahrefs
4. Webflow
5. Slack
6. Zapier
7. Hotjar
What are the best chrome extensions for marketers?
There are hundreds of chrome extensions I've tried and tested, but these are my favourites I use regularly.

1. Wrapplyzer - Quickly see the technologies used by different websites. Super useful and saves time not inspecting.
2. SEO Minion - it's an awesome free extension for SEO analysis.
3. Ahrefs toolbar - just as good is this extension for SEO.
4. 1Password - not just for security reasons, but even just to logging into tools quickly. The experience is seamless.
5. Auto Text Expander - great for setting up commands for common responses. Good for emails, slack messages, and more.
6. Grammarly - a saviour when it comes to fast typing, fixing grammatical and spelling errors.
7. Onetab - close and save all the current tabs you have open.

I talk about more relevant extensions within each of the categories.
Are there any 'new' tools I may have not heard of before?
I'm confident you've heard many of these before I've talked about in each of the resources, but there are some I believe that there is a good chance you haven't (which you now should) include:

1. Typedream - a visual website/landing page builder. Beautiful UI and great UX.
2. Habitate - build a community platform fast with your own branding.
3. Smartwriter - great for cold email ice breakers using AI.
4. TypeStudio - awesome for repurposing social video content.
5. Coda - great for bringing documents into one place for teams.
6. Tability - Get out of Google sheets and use a dedicated ORK platform.
7. Heurio - UX and website feedback tool.
8. Frill - recieve customer feedback and rank roadmap features through voting.
9. Milanote - if you're a designer or creative, you will love it. Great for organising projects visually.
10. Super - a website builder using Notion.
What are the best freemium tools? Is there such as a $0 marketing stack?
I've got some good news - it's absolutely possible to have a $0 marketing stack to run a startup that can help you with operations, growth and product. Here are some options. This by no means is a final list. There are many free options available, but these are my preferences and recommendations.

1. Trello - good for project and task management.
2. Asana - another project management tool. Free for multiple users.
3. Airtable - can use for various things. Lots of options and use cases.
4. Figma - can do wireframes for landing pages, create social graphics, brainstorming, and lots more.
5. Loom - do video recording and share with colleagues. Saves time on unnecessary meetings.
6. Notion - another platform that offers a lot of options for operational activities.
7. Hemingway App - great for improving copy.
8. Slack - communication with team members.
9. Hotjar - get free video recordings and heatmaps for your website/landing pages.
10. Canva - create social graphics and more.
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