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by Dan Siepen
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I love reading blogs & articles. I've come across some amazing blogs on growth, startups and marketing which have really helped me over the years for my work with startups.

Below I've shared some of the best blogs that you should check (if you haven't already). I quickly summarise why I like them. Of course, if you have any you suggest that I haven't included below, let me know. I love discovering new content. 🙂

Top SaaS & Marketing Blogs to Read

For Entrepreneurs

David Skok

- I love David Skok's content on this blog & YouTube videos of his talks
- For Entrepreneurs is one of the best blogs if you're a startup founder
- One of the best pieces to read which many of you would know is "SaaS Metrics 2.0"
Beg.to adv.
Finance & Metrics
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SaaStr Blog

Jason Lemkin

- SaaStr has some great content across each of their channels including their YouTube
- They write a lot of content on SaaS, growth, Venture capital. You can check out some of their top articles on "Best of SaaStr".
Beg. to adv.
All things SaaS
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a16z Blog


- a16z is one of the most successful VC firms in the world having invested in companies such as Slack, Zynga, Instagram, Github & many more.
- They do a mix of content through their articles, podcast, newsletters & they have a good video archive as well.
- I like going through their articles which includes reasons why they invest in certain companies. For example, Andrew Chen's article on why they invested in clubhouse.
Great for founders
VC & Startups
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Andrew Chen's Essays

Andrew Chen

- Speaking of Andrew Chen's post on a16z, he also has an amazing blog which I believe is one of the best entrepreneurship blogs of all time
- His essays cover topic areas from growth marketing to design & venture capital.
- You will find a list of all his essays here.
All founders should read
Growth, Product & Marketing
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Sales Hacker

Max Altschuler

- If you're looking to improve sales by closing more deals and improving sales processes, then you need to check out the articles by Sales Hackers.
- Written by community members which are seasoned in sales + typically come from higher positions, so you know you're reading content that isn't fluff.
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Nir and Far

Nir Eyal

- Nir Eyal is the author of one of the best books you should read (which I included in my top marketing books list) called Hooked.
- Nir writes awesome content on practical tips and insights on self discipline and time management.
- You can check out his best articles here.
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The SaaS CFO

Ben Murray

- The SaaS CFO is by Ben Murray who is an experienced SaaS CFO in the US. (Awesome guy have had a call with him, super knowledgeable).
- His blog is very much focused on SaaS metrics, finance, forecasting, calculations, modelling & more.
- He has over 40k subs (as I write this) and is certainly worth checking out.
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Open View Partners Blog

Open View Partners

- The Open View Partners blog is in my top 5 for best blog content to read on startups. They have over 100k subscribers. Telling sign they their content is epic!
- They share content across product, pricing, marketing, finance, operations & other areas.
- I particular love this resource on Product-Led growth. Awesome!
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Intercom's Blog


- One of the best company blogs out in the SaaS world would have to be Intercom.
- They produce awesome content as well as podcasts on product & design, growth, engineering, sales and of course customer support.
Epic content
SaaS, product & Growth
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Ahrefs Blog


- If you're a marketer you know the content that Ahrefs always produce high quality.
- Ahrefs write the best content in my opinion on SEO on everything whether it be Technical SEO, backlinks, content, keyword research & more.
- They also have a really good YouTube channel which I mentioned on my list of top SaaS videos and channels.
Beg. - Adv.
SEO & Content
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A Smart Bear

Jason Cohen

- This is a great blog on startups and growth by Jason Cohen, who is the Founder of WP Engine.
- He hasn't written on his blog lately, but regardless of the date, there are some golden nuggets through some of his articles.
- Check out this popular posts, some of them are really awesome.
Great reads
Recommended for founders
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Visible VC blog

Visible VC

- Visible VC is a product for founders which updates investors on their latest key metrics
- I've been really enjoying their blog content with various interviews with top founders
- They also have an amazing template library worth checking out
Awesome content
VC, investor relations
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Brian Balfour's blog

Brian Balfour

- When it comes to growth, product & marketing, Brian is one of the best out there to learn from.
- His detailed essays cover areas of growth from strategy & frameworks, acquisition, retention, engagement & growing, product, analytics, data + growth teams.
- Also make sure to check out his "Quick Takes". Some gold in there.
In my top 5
All things growth & product
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