10 Best SaaS & eCommerce Marketing Podcasts (+ other bonus favs).🎙️

Below I share some of the Best Podcasts I've listened to (and more I've added to my bookmark list) across SaaS & eCommerce. You can also see my other favs on the main eCommerce & SaaS resource pages. 🙂
by Dan Siepen
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I used to listen to a lot of podcasts and don't get much time at the moment working across multiple projects.

Whenever I get the chance, I try tune in to some of the below. I also included recent new podcasts I've just come across that I subscribed to.

In many ways, this is my bookmarking list and wanted to share it with my readers.

Hopefully you enjoy these podcast suggestions below. If you know any good ones I haven't mentioned, let me know!

Enjoy 🙂

Best SaaS Podcasts

💬 😊 In addition to the below recommendations, I already have shared some top SaaS related podcasts on my SaaS Marketing Resources page including;

- SaaS Growth Hacking by Dan Martell
- SaaStr Podcast
- The Top by Nathan Latka
- The Startup Chat
- The SaaS Podcast
- This Week in Startups

The SaaS Marketing Show

Dylan Hey

- The SaaS Marketing Show is hosted and created by Dylan Hey who co-founded the SaaS marketing agency Hey Digital.
- He interviews top senior marketers from some of the top SaaS startup companies across the world.
- I've enjoyed a few of his episodes. Dylan is a good host.
5 stars on iTunes
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Confessions of a B2B Marketer

Tom Hunt

- I've been following Tom Hunt for a while and have already mentioned some of his awesome content in my SaaS case Studies.
- Tom interviews guests such as Sujan Patel and shares his journey of growing his B2B SaaS business and his agency.
Great podcast
All on B2B
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The SaaS Revolution Show

Alex Theuma

- The SaaS Revolution Show is by SaaStock and hosted by Alex Theuma who is the Founder.
- With over 200 episodes, The podcast interviews some of the best marketers around the world, with many coming from Europe (with SaaStock being based in Europe).
- Listened to a few episodes and good insights + tactics shared.
Avg. 1x per week
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How I Built This

Guy Raz

- One of the more famous podcasts in the startup space, How I Built This, is an awesome podcast which interviews the most successful founders of household startup brands who have gone on and done it big.
- With well over 26k ratings on Apple iTunes with an average of 4.7/5, there's a good reason why so many people tune in. Awesome content & amazing stories.
Avg. 1x per week
One of the best podcasts
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The Indie Hackers Podcast

Courtland Allen

- For all hackers & makers out there like me, you can't go past subscribing and listening to episodes of the Indie Hackers Podcast.
- Courtland Allen is an awesome host (founder of Indie Hackers) and interviews really interesting founders & makers who have turned side projects or passion projects into profitable businesses which they start working on full-time.
- Really good stories and learnings, especially if you want to start and run an indie business in software.
Indie hackers & microsaas
Amazing podcast
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Best eCommerce Podcasts

💬 😊 In addition to SaaS Podcasts, I also below have shared really good eCommerce podcasts to check out including;

- My wife quit her job podcast
- Nerd Marketing podcast
- Shopify Masters
- Ecommerce Fuel Podcast
- 2X eCommerce Podcaste
- Commerce Influence

The Ecommerce Marketing Show

Ben Jabbawy

- Love this podcast by the team at Privy which is a daily podcast which shares insights, practical tips & strategies to help grow your eCommerce store.
- What I do like about this podcast is that most days the episodes go for about 5-10 mins on average, which is great for someone time poor and want to get straight to the "goodies".
Daily episodes
All things ecomm
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Ecommerce Playbook

Andrew Faris

- Andrew Faris is the CEO of 4x400 which is a company that owns a few popular eCommerce brands.
- His podcast goes into the day-to-day details of running eCommerce brands from sharing numbers, wins, losses and of course growth strategies & experiences he's found from running multiple brands.
Content is fantastic
Great for all ecomm founders
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Honest Ecommerce

Chase Clymer

- A podcast worth checking out is Honest Ecommerce hosted by Chase Clymer. Chase has helped may eCommerce companies grow through his agency Electric Eye.
- His podcast has some awesome content worth listening to and interviews some really impressive guests in the eCommerce world.
Avg. 1x per week
Avg. 4.9 stars
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Wave Break Podcast

Dylan Kelley

- The Wave Break Podcast is a weekly show for those who in particular run Shopify stores and want to grow into large stores.
- It's founded and hosted by Dylan Kelley who runs a successful eCommerce Agency in the US.
- I've listened to a few episodes and the content is really good. :)
Avg. 1x per week
Lots of great interviews
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eCommerce Evolution

Brett Curry

- This podcast I only recently came across and the content and guests are awesome.
- The eCommerce Evolution podcast is ran by Brett Curry who is the founder of OMG Commerce which works with some top eComm brands.
- The episodes typically involve interviews which go in-depth with really amazing guests. Highly recommend.
Avg. 4.8 stars on iTunes
Epic, high quality content
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