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There is simply so much content out there in the marketing sphere, it tends to suffocate you. Over the years, I have read over 1000’s of blog posts/articles, researched and applied various marketing strategies with different guides and tools, followed and learned from some of the world’s best growth marketers

Yet I had a problem...

My biggest problem was that I was missing a place where I can store and share these high quality resources with my friends, colleagues, followers and readers.

So, to help you all (and even myself!), I have curated some of the best resources on the web around the different categories for everything marketing and growth.

I’ll be updating this guide constantly when I find a quality resource that should be on this list 🙂

If you feel there is a resource I have missed, let me know and I will add it 🙂 – Just email me: dan.siepen@gmail.com

Enjoy 🙂
Created December 2019.
Updated Jan 2021 :)

Some of my Favourite FREE* Growth Marketing Tools

* It's mainly tools which are free and of course have a premium options which you pay for :)
I love these tools below and recommend these for people to try out when it comes to doing their marketing. They're all great for either startup or more established companies.

These below are tools I personally recommend and have used before with success for different clients and projects :)

Want to see some of my other favourite tools + reason why? Check out My Top Tools collection:

75+ favourite marketing tools
⚡ Startup Growth Calculator
- Really cool calculator I highly recommend trying out.
- I like it as it's simple to use
⚡ Hotjar
Hotjar is one of my personal favourite tools which has an awesome freemium component of the product.
⚡ SEOlium⚡ RiteTag⚡ Sniply⚡ PR Hunters⚡ CrazyEgg⚡ Hunter⚡ Pay With A Tweet⚡ LeadBerry⚡ Hello Bar⚡ Apollo.io⚡ Headline analyzer⚡ MixRank⚡ ManyChat⚡ Grammarly⚡ Wishpond⚡ TweetFavy⚡ GoSquared⚡ Supermetrics⚡ Sendwithus⚡ SumoMe⚡ TweetFavy⚡ Customer.io⚡ Colibri.io⚡ KeywordSonar⚡ SplitMetrics⚡ Buffer

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