Remember, Domain Authority (DA) changes. So be sure to check before you submit!

Want free promotion for your startup? Here's some places to consider 😊

Hi there 🙂

Thanks for visiting this list! If you're a startup founder or building a side project, then this list is perfect for you!

Here I have a list of 105+ best places to promote your startup for free that have a domain authority (DA) of 30+.

Now, DA's change over time and google looks for relevant sources, hence don't just do every single post for the sake of it.

In addition, with the subreddits, be smart about it. No ones like a spammer. Before you post, you need to be interacting with those communities. Or, at least have a clever way of getting attention, otherwise those subreddits will remove your post.

If there are any free places to promote that I have missed, let me know via email and I will add it 🙂 – Just email me:

FREE places to promote your startup 😊

Note: be smart where you post your startup. Don't just spam. Especially be smart with Hacker News & Reddit, but if you are already quite engaged or can think of a clever way for posting, then it can be quite fruitful.

I also wrote this in November 2019, so some of the DA's may have changed.

If you want to check the up to date domain authority of the sites below, click the button below and submit the link of the site to check:
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  • Cnet
  • Digg
  • Venture Beat
  • Crunch Base
  • /r/Entrepreneur
  • /r/Startups
  • /r/SmallBusiness
  • /r/DesignCritques
  • /r/SideProject
  • /r/ShamelessPlug
  • /r/AlphaandBetausers
  • /r/IndieBiz
  • /r/IMadeThis
  • /r/Coupons
  • /r/LadyBusiness
  • /r/RoastMyStartup
  • Boing Boing
  • Boing Boing
  • Reddit
  • MakeUseOf
  • Alternative To
  • Geek Wire
  • Product Hunt
  • Angel List
  • Show HN
  • Y Combinator
  • App Advice
  • Capterra
  • Startup Collections
  • G2 Crowd
  • F6S
  • Inc 42
  • Programmable Web
  • Springwise
  • Startup Dope
  • Appcrawlr
  • BuiltInChicago
  • Get App
  • Vator
  • Growth Hackers
  • Arctic Startup
  • YouNoodle
  • BetaList
  • I Am Wire
  • Killer Startups
  • Next Big What
  • Tabscape
  • All My Faves
  • appPicker
  • Designer News
  • EU-Startups
  • Postscapes
  • Slant
  • Startup Beat
  • Stack Share
  • Startup Inspire
  • Beta Bound
  • Trust Radius
  • All Top Startups
  • App Appeal
  • SnapMunk
  • Startup Benchmarks
  • VB Profiles
  • Netted
  • Rev 2
  • Startup Stash
  • AppZapp
  • CSS Mania
  • Feed My App
  • Nibletz
  • PreApps
  • The iPhone Mom
  • Erlibird
  • SimilarSiteSearch
  • StartupBlink
  • Maqtoob
  • Webwiki
  • Beta Page
  • CrozDesk
  • Side Projects
  • Tech Faster
  • Land-book
  • Launching Next
  • CloudBook
  • Side Projectors
  • The Startup Pitch
  • Tech Pluto
  • App 400
  • Starter Story
  • Startup Ranking
  • State of Tech
  • Mobilzed
  • Web App Rater
  • Collaborizm
  • Paggu
  • pFind
  • Robin Good's T5
  • Startup Tracker
  • Top Alternatives
  • Idea Hunt
  • Startup 88
  • Startup Register
  • AppVita
  • Crazy About Startups
  • All Startups
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