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This is my curation of some the best SaaS resources to help you learn from some of the best & inspire you along your journey for growth. 😍
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Welcome to my collection of favourite SaaS Marketing resources. As you will see below, I have curated resources from podcasts, top marketers, case studies, books, amazing podcasts, videos & more 🙂

I will be adding more content to this resource over time. Anything you recommend? Let me know. Enjoy 🙂

Huge Resource Library👇

Favourite Tools for Marketing

Have shared some of my favourite tools & platforms for growth & marketing. I also share over 75+ tools which you can also find the link below :)

Best SaaS Marketing + Growth Case Studies

There are plenty of case studies on some of the top startups around the world, but where are all the really high quality articles? I've curated a good list of them.

Fav SaaS Growth & Marketing Podcasts

There's a lot of podcasts launching left, right and centre but have curated some of the best I personally like.

Favourite Growth Marketing Newsletters

Similar to podcasts, there are a lot of newsletters which have launched recently. Here's some I'm loving.

Favourite Books

I've included 6 books I've read + have enjoyed. I'll be adding more as I go reading them or are on my list.

Favourite Videos

I love watching videos on startup topics, particularly around growth & marketing. Included some I like.

BONUS: Other Resources you should check out

✅ 13+ Growth Marketing Checklists (more being added soon) 😍⚡

Check out my checklists across a variety of different marketing channels. Got some awesome feedback from 100's around the world :)

⚡ Check out the checklists

⚡ 34 detailed list of top No Code tools you need to check out 🧰💪

I wrote over 6000 words on No Code tools I really like that have helped me build various side projects + tools I use to build processes/automations with marketing day to day.

⚡ Read my analysis of No Code Tools

😊 I've got 75+ more tools I recommend to check out
👉 Best Startups Marketing Tools 😊🔥

Best SaaS Growth Case Studies

👉 A few of the best SaaS Case studies I have come across (there's more below through a link) 😊🔥

There's quite a few case studies out there on Canva, but hands down this is the best out of the lot. Very detailed breakdown of some of the key strategies used for their incredible growth.


Unlike Canva, from what I can find, there's not many SEMRush detailed articles out there on how they achieved growth. I have to say this article is awesome in terms of the detail.


Sumo is quite well-known in the SaaS/Growth Marketing world for producing long-form, high-quality content. This article certainly doesn't disappoint. One of the best on Hubspot's growth.

😊 Want to explore more SaaS Case Studies? Check out this article
👉 High Quality SaaS Case Studies 😊🔥

Favourite SaaS Marketing Resources & Guides

SaaS Metrics 2.0

This is one of the best, incredibly detailed posts/articles you will read on SaaS Metrics.

This article not only shares great detail on metrics, cashflow, churn, P&L + much more, the visualisation + graphics make it a guide you will have bookmarked.

User Onboard

This resource is a bit different in terms of structure of a guide, which is much more engaging. is a site that does "UX Teardowns" of some of the best SaaS applications. Lots of great learnings from the best apps on the planet.

App Growth Lab

If you're growing a mobile app and looking for growth ideas then you'll love this resource by App Growth Labs.

It includes contributions by top marketers from the likes of Buffer, Google, Chartboost + more. Over 55 lessons and the content is really good.

Favourite SaaS Podcasts

👉 Suggest a good podcast to add? Let me know. I've got some more in a list in a link below 😊🔥
SaaStr Podcast

Another major figure in the SaaS world + love their content is Jason Lemkin (Founder of SaaStr)

With over 390 episodes recorded (as I write this), each episode is full of amazing value with big named guests who are interviewed on the podcast.

The Top

I'm not to sure how Nathan Latka keeps up the cadence of daily episodes of his podcast "The Top".

Nathan has been someone I've only followed within the past year and have to say super impressed with his content on this podcast + all his other channels.

The Startup Chat

This podcast done strated by top SaaS entrepreneurs Hiten Shah and Steli Efti always contains awesome insights.

The episodes are typically hosted bi-weekly and shares really useful content + tips over approx. 20 minute episodes on what you should focus on when building your startup.

The SaaS Podcast

Every Monday, Omer Khan hosts the "SaaS Podcast" which reviews + shares the latest trends in the Saas + entrepreneurship world.

He interviews some of the very best in the industry + shares the practical steps across various topics from growth strategies, operations, industry-specific trends + much more.

This Week in Startups

Jason Calacanis (+ other expert guests) hosts one of the top podcasts in the startup world which has interviewed incredible startup guests.

I can't keep up with each of the podcasts daily, but whenever I tune into an episode with a founder I want to listen to, I'm never disappointed. Seriously good content!

Favourite SaaS Marketing Newsletters

👉 There are lots of fantastic marketing newsletters. Here are some of mine below. If you've got a suggestion, let me know as keen to hear 😊🔥
Marketing Examples

Hands down Marketing Examples is one of the fastest growing + best Newsletters/Blogs on everything growth + marketing.

Founded by Harry Dry (awesome person to chat with), always share incredible, high-value analysis + examples of the best marketing tactics used by startups and high-growth companies.

Product Habits

Product Habits, founded by Hiten Shah (Co-founder of FIY, Crazy Egg + Kissmetrics), is a brilliant blog + newsletter on all things product & growth.

On average every week, the newsletter shares content on how to improve + create better products more efficiently, and content on marketing, growth, resources + much more.

CXL Newsletter

CXL has one of the best blogs on everything growth marketing which always contains incredible value for marketers & founders from beginners to advanced.

On average per week, CXL shares their newsletter which includes updates from the blog, growth tips, resources, latest workshops + much more from their community.

Ahrefs Blog Newsletter

Aherfs is a content machine when it comes to sharing high-valued SEO & Content Marketing articles & videos.

I've been loving the amount of emails I've been getting from them lately, especially their weekly digests by Joshua Hardwick (Head of Content). One of the best blogs + newsletters to subscribe.

TLDR Marketing Daily Newsletter

I've been seriously impressed by TLDR; Marketing newsletters created by a fellow Aussie Marketer & SEO gun Sajio George.

Each day you get a summary digest of the top marketing news across various marketing channels. I alway stay up to date with news + changes. Highly recommend!

The Daily Carnage

This is another favourite daily newsletter which keeps me across awesome marketing content such as growth tactics, new tools + other resources.

I'm a big fan of the structure of the newsletter digest and the quality is always high. Definitely recommend for any marketer or startup founder to subscribe.

Favourite SaaS Marketing & Growth Books + eBooks

👉 More books will be added below soon. Any you suggest I should read? I'd love to know 😊🔥

Really good book by entrepreneurs Gabriel Weinberg & Justin Mares who share various strategies that startups can use to achieve strong, sustainable growth.

My personal rating: 9/10


This is a another personal favourite of mine authored by Nir Eyal (with Ryan Hoover) which covers how we get 'hooked' to product through the "Hook Model". Great read!

My personal rating: 9/10

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

A great read for those who are founders or aspiring to start their own startups. Authored by Ben Horowitz, cofounder of Andreessen Horowitz, he shares a lot of his learning of running a business. Highly recommend.

My personal rating: 8/10

Zero to One

If you're in startups there's a good chance you've read this book by Peter Thiel. Great book about how to think in regards to innovation and the future, and how we can achieve progress in any industry or areas of business. Good examples + breakdowns overall.

My personal rating: 8/10

Hacking Growth

Hacking Growth by Sean Ellis & Morgan Brown is an awesome book for growth marketers & founders. It goes into detail about how the top startups started from humble beginnings into unicorns. One of my favourites!

My personal rating: 9/10


Contagious is written by Jonah Berger who's a Wharton marketing professor. This book goes into detail, backed up with groundbreaking research, into why things go viral or get shared. Good techniques shared!

My personal rating: 8/10

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