15+ Best eCommerce & SaaS Newsletters. 📬

Newsletters are on the rise and we all love them. That's why I've complied below some of my favourite SaaS & eCommerce newsletters. 😊
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If you're in the world of tech (or even just on Twitter or involved in the maker community), you will know that newsletters have skyrocketed in interest.

Not only that, there are people making some serious $$$ by sharing amazing newsletters. I'm a paying subscriber to a few newsletters. I love it. Of course, I'm subscribed to many free newsletters which are insanely good as well.

Below, I've shared some of my favourites. There are more than just the 15 I've mentioned here. You will see what I mean.

I hope you enjoy this list of amazing newsletters I love.🙂

Best SaaS Newsletters

Close.io Newsletter
- If you want to get better at sales and closing deals for your business, then this is the newsletter you need to subscribe and get into your inbox every week.
- The Close.io newsletter has to be one of the best and also largest sales-focused newsletters in the world with over 400k+ subscribers (yep 400k+ - insane number for a company newsletter).
- When it comes to improving your copywriting skills, there's no better resource than Copyhackers.
- The Copyhackers newsletter has over 35,000 subscribers. I always enjoy the newsletters filled with awesome content all on copywriting.
SEO Notebook
- SEO Notebook is one of my favourite newsletter for SEO.
- It's recommended by a lot of other top SEO publications & experts in the industry.
- The newsletter is by Steve Toth who is the SEO lead at Quickbooks. Just simply amazing content and resources he shares.
Indie Hackers Newsletter
- The Indie Hackers community is the best community on the internet in my opinion. Naturally having one of the best communities, means they see first hand the best content around makers, startups and growth.
- If you're building a side hustle, looking for early traction or anything early-stage startup related, this is a newsletter you need to sign up to.
The SaaS Playbook
- I only signed up to this newsletter recently and I'm so glad I did. It's now one of my favourite newsletter.
- The SaaS Playbook newsletter is by Scaleworks who invest in top B2B SaaS companies. If you work in B2B SaaS Hands down you need to sign up!
Better Marketing
- Better Marketing is one of the top Medium publications. Overall really good content I receive from their newsletter each week.
- It covers a wide range of topics across marketing :)
The Weekly SEO
- Another amazing SEO newsletter you should subscribe to is The Weekly SEO.
- It's definitely one of the best newsletters for SEO that helps me keep up with all the changes and growth strategies related to SEO.
Product-Led Newsletter
- With over 20k+ newsletter subscribers, Product-Led Growth is one of the best when it comes to learning about product and growth.
- Wes Bush the founder has seriously built an amazing community of startup professionals wanting to have a more product-led focus. Highly, highly recommend. :)
Zapier's Newsletter
- We all know and love Zapier. :)
- Zapier has one of the best content marketing machines in the world of startups and their newsletter never disappoints.
- It's always a great balance of awesome valuable content + updates on new "Zaps" and product features/updates.
The Hustle
- Really cool calculator I highly recommend trying out.
- I like it as it's simple to use
- The Hustle was acquired by Hubspot in early 2021 and they have over 1.5 million subscribers (yep, impressive number) - there's a good reason why.
- The newsletter always contains an incredible amount of content and the quality of what they share is second to none.
- They put a lot of research into the content they share and it certainly shows. It's an absolute must to sign up.

Best eCommerce Newsletters

Starter Story
- Really cool calculator I highly recommend trying out.
- I like it as it's simple to use
- This is one of my favourite eCommerce newsletters (and even just newsletters) & blogs by far!
- Starter Story is an incredible resource full of rich content interviewing founders and makers of eCommerce companies and products.
- The quality of content is simply amazing.
- I'm even a paying subscriber!
Chips & Dips
- This newsletter I only discovered the week before I wrote this and have to say I am super impressed with the level of content.
- Why called Chips & Dips? Well firstly, it's an awesome name I have to say. Basically, "Chips" is for news & the "Dips" are more in-depth marketing lessons or stories. Really cool. I just love the name.
Convert CRO Newsletter
- Convert.com do a really good monthly newsletter on all things CRO & eCommerce.
- They share some good deep dives and strategies for CRO that you can implement.
- If you love DTC then you must subscribe to 2PM by Web Smith.
- There's a paid membership to get access to some incredible data, lists, studies + more but the free newsletter is amazing too. 
- There's no one else who reports and shares great content on DTC aside from 2PM. This community and publication has a big future.
NiK Sharma's Newsletter
- Nik is one of the biggest influencers in the DTC & eCommerce world.
- He's incredibly experienced and his newsletter is simply jam-packed full of value where he shares everything from strategy, updates & more.
- He has over 10k subs and can say for sure I'm a very happy subscriber.

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