“An inspiration, a great friend, and a downright gentleman.” - Vaibhav Namburi, Director, Five2one
"Dan is one of the most brilliant and generous marketers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from. Dan is indeed the man."
Daniel Ternyak, Co-founder & CEO
Service Bell
"Dan is a wealth of knowledge - from community building and engagement to product and growth ideas. I’m extremely grateful that he took the time to talk over my projects with me while providing a ton of insightful!."
Sarah Beardmore, Founder
Dorsal & Nown
"I met Daniel almost one year ago and he has been an inspiration from day one. It’s rare to find talented hard workers nowadays and thats what you get with Dan. Not only does he put paper to pen but he’s a top notch individual.His personality is one that will show off extremely positively from the first meet, Dan is extremely passionate about empowerment and education and believes strongly in making a difference. It’s always humbling to know there’s someone working harder than you and hustling more than yourself.

Chances are you know someone who knows Dan, and higher chances are that you can actually learn a few things from this young guy that runs one of the most famous growth hacking groups in the world.I choose the people I work with very carefully, both in terms of passion, etiquette and hustle, he has all three and I would strongly recommend getting in touch with him or working with him to have anything to do with design, product management, people relationships, and of course his main arsenal, marketing.

A relationship-builder and connector, Dan definitely gets around in the tech scene. Chances are you know him, or your closest contact do. An inspiration, a great friend, and a downright gentleman."
Vaibhav Namburi, Founder & Director
"Dan is an absolutely incredible networker, marketer and partnerships manager. I had the privilege of knowing Dan since university while he was simultaneously the Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships & Growth at Coder Factory Academy.

Dan’s ability to network, his technical skills in all forms of marketing (social media, SEO, SEM, influencer, inbound / outbound, paid, etc) and his interest in design and engineering make him a truly effective resource. We have a joke in the Sydney startup community that “all roads lead to Dan”, since he seems to know everyone.

Dan’s advice and introductions are always invaluable and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him directly one day."
Hayden Bleasel, Founder & Director
"Dan is a fantastic person and has been a great mentor and role model.I met Dan in March when I started a course in Software Development at the CoderFactory Academy. Since that time Dan has always impressed me with his drive, energy and passion.

A smart and charismatic leader, Dan has gone out of his way to create opportunities for those he works with. I am very grateful to have met Dan, and would highly recommend Dan for any pursuit he undertakes in the future.."
Alex Karolis, Chief Technology Officer
"Dan is one of the best Marketing & Partnerships Managers you will ever meet. A personable, hardworking and ethical individual that always goes the extra mile.Through my time in knowing Dan he keeps up to date with tech/trends and is a amicable person that truly finds the best in people and brings this out.

I cannot recommend working with Dan more as in the times I have worked with him he has upheld his word, supports great causes and is always there for events.."
Alex Eduardo Gil, Developer Consultant
Redwolf + Rosch
"Our students really enjoyed hearing Dan’s story and vision. Many of them said that they found Dan’s comments and feedback as one of the most valuable parts of the program. The world needs so much more mentors like Dan, and we are so grateful to have his support!."
Jamie-Lee, Founder
Austern International
"I’m pleased to write this recommendation for Daniel Siepen. Daniel carried out some work for flatmate.com from September 2016 to March 2016. Daniel contributed an amazing output of work in a very short period of time.His contribution included growth hacking, article writing, mentoring, coaching, public relations, digital marketing as well as being a trusted ear at 10pm on many nights. I would jump at the chance to work with Daniel again.

His energy, knowledge of the of the digital landscape and his exceptional level of detail make him a very valuable member of the team.Throughout his time working with us he also displayed great leadership qualities.I wish Daniel all the best with his endeavours."
John Stericker, Owner
"I’m constantly amazed by what Dan is able to achieve. He is an absolute go getter and has the discipline and self awareness to get things done.Dan has managed to grow a huge following in Sydney and Melbourne around the growth hacker and developer communities. He has also played an instrumental part in coderfactory academy’s growth from humble beginnings to its current success.I hope we work together as often as possible in the future."
Dan Draper, VP of Engineering
"Dan was my first point of contact at Coder Academy and he was mighty helpful and professional in his approach from start to finish in my time as a student. He was helpful in finding me suitable placement/internship at the end of my study which has now eventuated in a job offer.

I found Dan to be very proactive in his approach. Be it organising mentoring talks from industry professionals for the students or getting involved in community events Dan is always at the forefront. He is also a very likeable and approachable who is always happy to help.

Overall, I have no regrets in choosing Coder Academy as a my preferred school of choice and a lot of the credit has to go to Dan for making it such a good experience."
Vignesh Natarajan, Former Student
Coder Academy
"I first met Dan at Growth Hackers Sydney, where I was surprised to hear he was the main organise of. Dan is highly motivated and active in all aspects of; online marketing, programming, community support and charity work.He works tirelessly at Coder Academy, Growth Hackers Sydney and a range of online publications. Miraculously he still finds the time to for social media, where he helps others on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

Dan is a library of knowledge and always looks to help others to be successful in their careers.Dan does an incredible job in bringing people together within a community and recently raised awareness of the Melbourne charity ‘Polished Man’, where he aims to raise $1,500.His entrepreneurial spirit is infectious and helps motivate others."
Esteban Martinez, Performance Marketing Director
Bohemian Group
"I was lucky enough to work with Dan during my internship at Coder Factory Academy (CFA). During my time at CFA, Dan was heavily involved in mentoring me and preparing me for a career as a software engineer. He provided myself and students with countless insights into the world of web development through onsite/offsite industry meet ups and speakers.

His commitment and passion for what he does directly led to helping me secure my first job as web developer to which I am still enjoying to this day. He was a huge asset not only to his team, but also the students."
Simon Angell, Engineering Lead
"I was the first cohort of Coder Academy graduates in Melbourne and I crossed paths with Dan when he relocated to set up the operations in the Melbourne office.During that time, he has demonstrated exceptional networking skills that fostered great friendships within the first cohort and not to mentioned the various partnerships with technology companies for our internships.

I understood it was relatively tough for a new office to garner local partnerships but Dan managed the impossible making crucial connections in a short span of time. Furthermore, he has always kept stakeholders well informed of current affairs which is essential to maintain long-term relationships.

Dan is also very active in the tech scene and keeps up to date what is in demand in the industry. Actively working hand in hand with industry players and getting fast feedback to keep course materials up to date. He has come up with various products to suit various individuals interested in technology and released them swiftly into the market.

I believe this is why Coder Academy successful in offering a well-developed alternative to other coding boot camps in Australia thanks to Dan’s diligence inI am certain any individuals or parties who work with Dan will find him a stellar performer and would be able to turn businesses around with his capabilities."
Ian Khor, Former Student
Coder Academy
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