21 Mental Health Resources & Tools for Entrepreneurs

Like most entrepreneurs, we go through a rollercoaster ride when it comes to building our businesses. It's not easy. I've collated some apps + resources I use which have helped me. If you're a founder or work for a startup, I'm hoping these may help you too.
by Dan Siepen
Personally, I know how stressful it can be running a business or just working in a fast-growth startup environment.

Startups and marketing are everything to me. However in many ways, I personally have an unhealthy obsession and rely on career success too much for my own happiness. On top of that, I wouldn't say I have the best "routine (s)" in place or habits to help manage my own stress & anxiety.

I'm continuously working on myself to be better in work, life & relationships. I wanted to get this resource together for founders, startups & makers who come across my site.

I've got some tools + resources below that you can check out. They've helped me (and continue to help) with various areas I'm working on with my mental health and wellbeing. I will be adding more over time.

If there's anything that you recommend, please let me know. Thanks 🙂
PS. If you are experiencing any mental challenges that's proving hard to manage, please seek professional support.

Some apps which may help


Headspace (App)

Headpace is an app I've been personally used before to help meditation and mindfulness workouts. They have lots of guided meditations that range in different time lengths. Started off with 5 mins and increased over time. Really did help to calm the mind in the mornings and offer perspective. Sleepcasts is also a good feature by Headspace to help with going to sleep relaxed and improving a night's sleep.

Really good pricing for the features it provides with pricing at $12.99 per month or $69.99 a year.

Calm (App)

Calm is another fast-growing option for the worldwide market that has a lot of great reviews similar to Headspace. You can do daily guided meditations whether it be longer guides or short 10-min guides to help with stress or anxiety. In addition, you can do mental fitness/mindfuless with one being lead by Lebron James (the man). There's also bedtime stories read by the likes of Matthew McConaughey. Really cool app which may help :)

Good pricing as well for the features it provides. $14.99 per month or $69.99 per year.

Dare (App)

I personally have not used this app before but have come across it a few times in my research. It's won multiple awards, even for "The Best Anxiety Apps of 2019" by Health line. The app provides evidence-based programs to help those manage their anxiety, insomnia, worry + panic attacks. Users can download the app and listen to free audio guides + log their progress in a journal to see how they go overtime.

Happify (App)

Happify is another option to look into that helps those wanting to manage + overcome stress + negative thoughts. You can do activities + games which are evidence-based and created by some of the best scientists + experts in cognitive behavioural therapy + psychology.

Priced per month at $14.99 and yearly at $139.99.

Resources I've read that have helped me personally


Resources: How to Handle Anxiety

I'm definitely someone who suffers from anxiety and I know reading articles, guides and other people's stories has helped with providing me some tips + perspective. In many ways, reading other's stories + tips from resources reminds me I'm not the only one who's going through challenging periods in their life.

Check out some of these links below :)

Resources: How to Handle Stress

We all suffer from some levels of stress, but sometimes it can take over. I've definitely suffered from extreme levels of stress based on various circumstances, both in work + personal.

Here's some articles/guides below which have helped me improve my stress management.

Resources: Understanding the importance of Mental Health as an entrepreneur

Working for a startup and having ran a few before myself, I know it can be stressful and sometimes have found myself in situations where I'm so far deep I ask myself, "how am I going to get myself out of this situation and how I'm currently feeling?".

Whether you run a startup or work for one as an employee, it can be pretty intense and stressful at times. However, the experience of startup life comes with amazing feelings of satisfaction when hard work pays off.

Controlling stress + emotions of the startup rollercoaster is the key to being successful + improving & maintaining a healthy wellbeing.

That's why it's important to understand how mental health can impact you as a founder/entrepreneur, or as a startup employee. These articles + resources below are good to read.

Just remember, you're not alone :). Talk to other peers, friends or family (talking has helped me a lot).

Resources: Learn how to Meditate

We often hear from those around us or via articles, podcasts or TV, that meditation has many benefits. We've all tried meditation before, but how many of us really stick to it?

I'll be honest, I have periods where I do it for 2 weeks straight, and then not do it for the next 4-8 weeks in a row. My excuses are "long hours" or "work commitments" usually. Whilst I do work hard and do long hours, I know meditation is something I need to ensure I dedicate time too. Just recently for 10 mins a day, it's definitely helped :)

Some resources which you may find helpful for learning meditation :)

Resources: How to improve sleeping patterns & routines

Poor sleep or poor sleeping patterns can certainly have a detrimental affect overtime on your health. I'm someone who does suffer from poor sleep from time to time and it does build up.

Especially in startups, if you're suffering from fatigue or are lethargic from poor sleep, it can certainly impact your mood + performance.

Here's some guides + articles I've read on improving sleep routines + patterns.

Resources: Develop a routine to develop + improve mindfulness & overall wellness

Having a good daily routine can have a positive affect on all parts of life. These resources below I've read which are helping me form the required habits to feel better + improve my health & wellbeing :)

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