75+ Best Startup 
Marketing Tools for any budget 😍

I created this ever-growing list of marketing tools for startups & small businesses that I personally have used + really like and have included reasons why. I hope you find it useful :)
by Dan Siepen
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💬 I created this resource due to the fact I personally get asked a lot of questions about which are the best tools based for different channels and use cases. I will be updating this list as soon as I try new apps/platforms and I believe are worth recommending. I won't post new ones of the sake of it, unless I've had a good experience with them.

With any of the platforms/apps under each of these categories/channels, you have to be technology agnostic as a founder or growth marketer. One tool won't solve all your problems. As a saying I share often with tech mates or founders/marketers I know, I say, "The tools are only as good as the people who use them". Make sure to do your research to pick which tool is right for you. 🙂

By all means, if there's any that I've missed that you may recommend, please let me know 🙂

I hope you enjoy this resource + share with friends 🙂 💬

My Best Marketing Tools below 👇

Press on 'Section' buttons to go down to the desired category tools :)
Analytics Tools

Below I share some of the best Analytics tools that I've used across SaaS + eCommerce :)

Social Media Tools

I've shared some of the best social media tools for design, scheduling, planning + more.

SEO / Content Marketing Tools

There's honestly so many options but I've shared ones I like + use often.

Video Tools

Editing videos as a non-video editor is getting easier & easier. I share some great video apps for marketers.

Design Tools for Marketers

I use plenty of design tools often & share recommendations you will like as a non-designer.

Email Marketing Tools

Another channel that has so many options to choose from. I've picked 6 I love + use often for SaaS + eComm.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

I share below a mixture of tools from Analytics, Pop-ups + more for optimising conversions.

Automation / Workflow Tools

There's a growing amount of tools for automations/ workflows & have shared some of the best.

Project / Campaign Management

Quite a few options on the market but I've recommended 6 that have great features + UX.

CRM / Communication Tools

Picked the best tools for CRM + communications that have great integrations + use cases for any business.

Survey / NPS / Data Collection

Quite a few options to choose from on the market for NPS + Customer survey options. All have good features + UX.

Onboarding / Activation Tools

I share some of the leading onboarding + activation tools that which all are feature-rich + easy installs.


Marketing Tools here below

Analytics Tools


Hotjar is one of my favourite cro tools for website recordings + heatmapping. Use it every day and provides amazing insights :)

Heatmaps + video recording
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